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Secure your business, have a Wollongong asbestos management plan!

If you own a business or a workspace, you have a legal duty to manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) since they may risk you and your employee during everyday jobs. You and your employees may have been exposed to fibres without even realizing it. Having a readily accessible asbestos management plan (AMP) and register can reduce the risk of fibre exposure to your employee.

Finding a reliable contractor to develop your AMP needs is crucial. Worry no more, asbestos watch Wollongong connects you to A-Class licensed contractors who are highly skilled, experienced and extensive trained. Our contractors always listen to clients’ needs and deliver individual solutions.

Our contractor members are committed to deliver quality services to develop a comprehensive asbestos management plan Wollongong for your business

Wollongong asbestos management plan

Our members can help you prepare a written plan which sets out in detail how you are going to manage the risk of fibrous materials in the workplace. They will conduct a pre-inspection first to assess the condition and severity of ACMs there.

Further, they will use the information gathered from a pre-inspection to implement proper control measures. They may as well as provide an audit. Whether you need assistance with management plan Wollongong or other services related to ACMs, Asbestos Watch Wollongong are here to help you!


  1. Managing fibrous materials for a safe workspace!
  2. The best solution for your ACM problems
  3. Steps to develop a sound AMP for a business
  4. Choose the right expert for your AMP

Part I: Managing fibrous materials for a safe workspace!

It is estimated that one out of three buildings built around 1983 contains a substantial amount of fibres. Fibrous products have been used in over 3000 products.

Common products that contain fibres are:

  • Cement sheeting
  • Drainage and flue pipes
  • Roofing
  • Guttering
  • Flexible building boards

If you own a premise, you must manage asbestos since it may risk you and your building occupants to fibre exposure. Having a readily accessible AMP can reduce the risk of fibre exposure to your building occupants.

AMP is a written document that details implemented control measures to manage ACMs in a property.

Briefly, the AMP must:

  • Identify the location of fibre materials and any naturally occurring fibre.
  • Include decisions, and reasons for the decisions about the management of ACMs at the workplace. For example the reasons behind safe work procedures and control measures.
  • Include the detail of a person who is in charge for it
  • Be maintained with up-to-date information
  • Be reviewed at least every five years or when requested by a health and safety representative (HSR)
  • Be reviewed when ACMs are removed, disturbed sealed or enclosed.
  • Provide information, consultation and training responsibilities to workers carrying out work involving ACMs.

To produce a sound AMP, you must perform risk assessments first. Risk assessments can help you to:

  • Finding out and recording where the ACM might be.
  • Deciding what actions or control measures to take.
  • Creating an asbestos register

Note: An asbestos register is a document that lists all identified or assumed ACMs in a workplace. The register must record any fibrous materials that have been identified or are assumed to be present in the workplace. It has to record the date when, where and the condition of the fibre materials were identified.

Why your workplace needs an AMP? Here are the reasons:

1. Almost any building in Wollongong can have fibrous materials

Fibrous materials can be found in every home and commercial structure constructed before the 1980s. ACMs can also difficult to see with mere looking as the materials may have been mixed with the other materials to improve their strength and fireproofing.

Types of properties that need an AMP:

  1. Commercial buildings; offices, shops or factories
  2. Buildings frequented by general public; libraries, hospitals, schools, council offices
  3. Common area in housing property

Infographic: That need an asbestos management plan

2. Property manager has a responsibility to care the employee

A property manager has a responsibility to keep employee, clients, and tenants safe from fibre exposure. For example, ACM insulating wall might not seem dangerous, but you still need to be aware. If someone decides to hang a picture on the wall, it is possible that he will nail and damage the wall. Thus, releasing harmful dust and fibres into the air. This incident could have been prevented with a proper control plan bringing about awareness.

3. Regulations around AMP is strict

The government has strict regulations for asbestos management. If you own a building that was constructed before 2003, then you should have a current AMP. If not, you should do an inspection right away, as there are hefty penalties and fines associated with being willfully non-complaint with the current requirements. As stated by the Wollongong city council, the penalty can be as high as $7,500 for a homeowner and $15,000 for corporations.

The pre-inspection will give you an insight on the presence of ACMs within your premises and also about their condition. A decision will be given regarding which structures are safe to remain in their current state, as well as which ACMs must be removed immediately.

Learn more about the AMP here:

The Queensland government:

The Wollongong city council: – Asbestos PDF file.

Part II: The best solution for your ACM problems

We connect you with great asbestos removalists in the Wollongong region. Our endorsed contractors are highly skilled, have lots of experience in handling and managing the ACMs, and have an A-Class certification. They strive to deliver the jobs efficiently and within the set timeline. They aim to give satisfactory results to the clients.

The benefits of hiring our endorsed contractors:

  1. Our approved members are competent and reliable: Finding a reliable contractor for your management plan needs is crucial. This is why we only connect you to A-Class licensed contractors who have years of experiences, skills and extensive training. They are committed to delivering exceptional quality services to develop a comprehensive asbestos management plan Wollongong for your business.
  2. All jobs are taken seriously: Our approved members take all jobs seriously. They are professional and upfront about all costs and processes related to asbestos management plan Wollongong services. Our endorsed members will treat all jobs in a professional manner regardless of the scope of the project. They accept big and small projects!
  3. Our members are dedicated to meet clients’ needs: Our approved members are dedicated to meet and fulfill customers’ needs. This is what sets them apart from all others. They strive to provide competent, fast and reliable services to clients at competitive prices.
  4. They strive to serve as best as they can: They work in accordance with regulations and legislations, continuously giving competent services and responding quickly to clients’ inquiries. They have a commitment to serve the community.

Part III : Steps to develop a sound AMP for a business

Our members can help you prepare a written plan which sets out in detail how you are going to manage the risk of ACMs. Here are vast services provided by our contractors:

1. Creating a control plan

Our members will set and prepare a control plan for you. The control plan will outline procedures needed to prevent people from coming into contact with fibres or getting contaminated by them. Also, it will outline the processes and strategies for an asbestos testing or removal work.

2. Conducting risk assessments

Our members will conduct several important risk assessment processes. The first one is communication management. They will alert people around the area about the fibre presence. The second one is a site management. They will inform the employees, using the best communication method, to raise the employees’ awareness.

In addition, they will prepare good safety protocols to certify that any contamination and incidents are handled in the appropriate manner. An adequate first aid equipment will also be prepared in place to guarantee fast transport to the hospital in case of emergency.

3. Sequences of control measures implementation

We value your time greatly. This is why we always encourage our members to prepare a timeline and works according to the set timeline. Our contractors will provide a timeline that states what the project should deliver within the set time-frame.

The timeline includes:

  • Brief descriptions of project stages
  • Major activities for each objective
  • Key milestones
  • Associated target dates
  • Assignments and responsibilities per project stage
  • Maintain an up-to-date register

Our approved members will put all assumed and identified ACMs and documented them in an asbestos register. They will maintain all of ACMs in the area then labeled and marked them to prevent wider area contamination. The register will be kept by the property manager and made available for all building occupants. All work is carried out in agreement with healthy and safety guidelines and is accredited to national standards.

External resource:

Part IV: Choose the right expert for your AMP!

Our A-class licensed contractors will assist you in developing a sound asbestos management plan Wollongong to certify that you are managing your asbestos effectively. They will help you from the first inquiry to the time the job is satisfactorily completed. Our approved specialists are available for any post-service assistance to ensure your satisfaction on the quality of service provided. If required, they can connect you to a licensed removalist to carry out a safe fencing, roofing and cement sheeting removal.

We believe in our contractors’ ability to deliver exceptional quality services at value costs. Your safety and health are their top priority. They aim to ensure safety is maintained during their jobs. Their service provision is customized to meet the needs of each client.

Our endorsed contractors provide vast and excellent services. Whether you need assistance with a management plan or other services related to asbestos, Asbestos Watch Wollongong are here to help you!