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Sample Project of How to Remove Asbestos in Wollongong

We can find Asbestos not only on the roof. Asbestos is fireproof and has a soundproof quality, it’s used in hundreds and thousands of products that can be found inside your house, bathroom, garage, carport and even at your kitchen. And we are going to take the kitchen renovation project as the example.

How to Safely Renovate Your Kitchen with Asbestos Inside

When was your property built? Is it built before the 1980s? Does it have asbestos? You better find out. Especially, when you have any renovation plan there.

A building with asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) needs special care when it comes to renovating. Fibrous materials are dangerous and have many health risks. Continuous exposure to fibres can lead to severe lung illnesses. According to medical records, there is still no proven cure for diseases caused by fibre exposures.

Apart from the negative impacts to human health, the existence of ACMs can decrease your property value.In the real estate market, ACM-contaminated properties are less interesting than comparable properties without ACMs. The value of a contaminated property can be 30% lower than a non-contaminated, comparable property. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your property is free from fibre products. You can get an ACM-free property by conducting an asbestos removal work.

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  1. What kind of fibre products can I find in the kitchen?
  2. Take an action now: call a removalist!
  3. Safe asbestos removal Wollongong services

What kind of fibrous products can I find in the kitchen?

Buildings built before 1980 are highly likely to contain fibrous products. There are various kinds of fibre products that you can easily find in your kitchen. Therefore, renovating a kitchen can be tricky. You must be sure that your renovation plans will not disturb the ACMs there.

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Fibrous materials can be hidden in the kitchen set, walls, ceilings, floors and splash backs. They are most commonly used as:

  • Cement sheeting on ceilings
  • Hot water insulation beneath the walls
  • Backing parts for vinyl floor tiles
  • Underlaying sheets for ceramic tiles

Further reading to find out about fibrous materials more: – Sheet.pdf

Take an action now: call a removalist!

Better be safe than sorry. Do an asbestos removal work first before commencing any renovation project. Through Asbestos Watch Wollongong, you can get connected with great A-class licensed contractors!

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Safe asbestos removal Wollongong processes

When it comes to renovation, you must create a comprehensive control plan to prevent the risk of fibre exposure. Especially, when you’re doing a renovation project in the kitchen where you may find many products with ACMs there. Both homeowners and renovators are highly advised to put great attention in to handle fibrous materials safely.

There are 4 important things to consider before your renovation plan starts:

1. Getting permission from the local city council

Applying permission for every renovation project, involving asbestos, is a must. Especially, when you’re about to conduct a major renovation work. But how if you’re only renovating a certain part of the building, like a kitchen?

Then, you only have to talk to your neighbors about your plans. However, you still need to call a professional contractor to do asbestos removal jobs. Why? Because only a professional can conduct the work safely and in accordance with legal requirements. You must perform the work in accordance with the regulations; otherwise, you can get exposed to them easily.

2. Performing a thorough inspection

Before conducting any construction project, you need to perform the removal work. However before the removal process begins, you must perform an initial inspection of the property first.

But, why do you need an inspection? Can’t you just simply remove all fibrous materials from your property?

Always keep in mind that fibrous products are dangerous. You can’t even see them by naked eyes. Once the products are broken, the fibres can easily go airborne. Your chance of getting exposed also increases. Therefore, you need professional help to handle the hazardous materials.

Through professional asbestos testing and sampling services, you can find out whether your kitchen contains ACMs or not. A professional contractor will send you licensed technicians to take representative samples from your place. Then, those samples will be tested via a NATA certified laboratory. After the test, you will get a brief report about fibre contamination level in your property. Only by then, a removalist can begin asbestos removal Wollongong jobs.

3. Safely remove all contaminated materials from your property

Asbestos removal Wollongong works can only be done properly by professional contractors. There are many complicated procedures that need to be taken to deliver a safe removal work.

First, you need to put on a set of protective gears to prevent exposure to fibres. Then, you need to use proper tools to conduct the job. Moreover, you can’t just simply break, cut, and drop not even scrub a fibrous material. By doing the things mentioned before, you can generate more fibres to the air.

Hand the works to professional removalists! They have been through training to deliver the jobs safely and efficiently. Experts will get everything done properly for you and in the most secure manner!

Keep in mind: Mishandling of fibrous materials, including improper use of DIY kits, can lead to criminal charges and fines.

wasting asbestos material after removal project

4. Dispose of the harmful waste safely

The transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes can be so overwhelming. It’s because you can’t even throw away this type of waste in a regular garbage bin. Fibrous products can only be disposed of in a chosen legal landfill. And you must seal all of the waste in bags/containers to prevent them from leaking out.

Therefore, illegally dump the waste in an unauthorised place can cost you A LOT! But there is no need to worry when you get help from professional contractors, they will ensure you that everything is under control.

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. Don’t put extra cost on your renovation plan by paying fines and charges. Do it in a proper way; Get yourself a removalist to handle asbestos removal Wollongong jobs.

Be smart, be safe! Call our experts and get 100% free quotes now!