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Asbestos Testing Wollongong Specified to Your Needs

Are you considering buying a building, which was built before 1990? If so, you need to take extra precautions since most buildings built before 1990 are likely to contain asbestos. Since it is not possible to detect or see whether or not your building contains fibrous materials, a close examination is needed to identify this hazardous material. The examination process can only be done by the microscopic analysis.

If you need to be certain about this, you can contact trusted contractors, through Asbestos Watch Wollongong. Asbestos Watch Wollongong is an endorsement company for A-Class asbestos contractors who conduct thorough asbestos testing in residential, commercial or government settings. Our approved contractors will perform sampling, do an inspection, and run a test in your building; starts from your corrugated roof until beneath the floor.

You need to trust the inspection process only to the experienced professionals since they know what to look and where to look for.

Our endorsed contractors will come to your building and assess the existence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) there. Through an accredited laboratory, our endorsed assessors will do an extensive survey, collecting the samples and performing a test.

asbestos testing in Wollongong

To get accurate results, it is the best to contact a competent contractor through Asbestos Watch Wollongong. Our approved members will provide our valued clients with safe workable solutions in demanding situations.

List of sections

  1. Reasons why you need asbestos testing Wollongong works
  2. Trust the work to an expert
  3. Steps to test for fibrous materials
  4. The right choice for asbestos testing and sampling

Reasons why you need asbestos testing Wollongong works

As asbestos is commonly used as building materials from the mid-1949s until the late 1980s, many buildings built before 1990 will most likely to contain a high-level of fibrous materials. Fibrous materials can often be found in the external wall cladding, roofs, ceiling, and fences. They can also be found in the wet area such as bathroom or laundry.

This is why if you find suspected materials, it is better to treat them as they contain fibers. Do not wait if you find a suspected material!

Here are the reasons why you need to conduct asbestos testing Wollongong in your property:

  • Your building might contain dangerous friable (Class A) and non-friable (Class B) material: Friable is considered as a dangerous material since it can easily release airborne fibres to the air. You can found friable fibres beneath your floor tiles, while the non-friable material is mostly found at the ceiling tile or corrugated roofs in your property. These dangerous materials can also be found in numerous materials within your building since asbestos sheets are commonly used before the 1990s. Hot-water systems, insulations product, and stove are some common examples of ACM sheets.
  • Health risks from fibre exposure: Solely, the presence of ACMs will not cause any harm as long as they remain intact and left undisturbed. However, if an ACM is being disturbed or damaged, it can release airborne fibre into the air. Inhaling few amounts of fibre is dangerous for your health. It will cause a progression of aggressive diseases in the future such as lung cancer and asbestosis. You will not feel the symptoms immediately since the latency period of these diseases is between 15 to 30 years.
  • You are planning to do a renovation: Renovations may disturb ACMs and generate friable fibres. It is a common rule that you need to take extra precaution when these two events occur to you: you plan to renovate your property or you suspect some materials at your building might contain fibres.

If one of those situations happens to you, the only way to be sure about the presence of fibrous materials in your building is by getting them tested by a NATA accredited laboratory. As recommended by the Wollongong Council, the property owner should seek professional advice and help when encountering such problem.

Asbestos Watch Wollongong will connect you with highly skilled and experienced contractors who offer quality asbestos testing Wollongong services. Their specialist team will always ready to help you to identify and get rid of this un-safety material as soon as possible. Our approved members have essentials skills and pivotal knowledge to perform the test safely and efficiently. Contacting our endorsed removalists will be your smartest move to handle asbestos problems and ensure the safety of yourself and your family or employees.

Trust the work to an expert

When it comes to asbestos testing, we should be smart and careful. Many companies claim that they are experts in doing inspection for ACMs, while in fact they are not.  As customer, we trust claims and promises easily. You have to be aware before contacting a certain contractor or surveyor. Do check and re-check. You can ask their license to assess their competency. Ensure that they conducting all works in accordance with legal requirements and regulations. You can also ask for a reference, written testimonials or list of previous customer. By doing this, you will know whether or not they delivered satisfactory results for their clients in the past.

With us, you don’t need to do such things. You can trust all jobs to our endorsed contractors because we thoroughly screened all contractors before endorsing them. You can feel confident that all experts in our list will provide quality services. We are committed to give exceptional experiences and services to our valued clients.

Here are top reasons why you should choose our best contractors to conduct asbestos testing Wollongong:

  1. Our contractors are qualified and competent: Our endorsed contractors are selectively chosen. Making them the best in the field. We only endorse contractors that have a valid A-class license. We are also conducting periodic assessments to evaluate their work.
  2. Easy and straightforward process for our clients: our contractor members will come to your location upon your request and do a sample collection. Then, the accredited laboratory will conduct a further test. Once the result is out, the final report will be delivered to you.
  3. High-quality services with competitive prices: Our approved members will know exactly what it takes to keep your project on time and within your allocated budget. They deliver high-quality services at a value price. You can contact them to get a quote first and our approved contractors will be glad to help you.
  4. Our approved contractors are equipped with all safety tools for removal procedure and related services: Having the right tools for ACM testing, removal, and other related services is important. Those services require a lot of specialized tools and equipment. Our endorsed contractors are equipped with specialized tools that are needed in handling the fibrous substance in the best way possible.

Wollongong asbestos testing process

Steps to test for fibrous material

Our approved contractors offer a wide range of services including airborne particles monitoring, residential survey, and industrial survey and also the identification of fibrous particles in a bulk material. Their goal is to perform ACM sampling and testing works in compliance with Australian laws. They are happy to assist you with the whole testing process; starting from isolation until the quantification of fibres for sampling.

Here are broad ranges of asbestos testing Wollongong services offered by our approved contractors:

1. Collect all the samples from suspected materials

You can legally collect a sample from a non-friable material by yourself. But for a friable material, it is important to do a sample collection in the right way so that it will not harm the people around you.

Still, the sample collection alone can be tricky. You can save your time also by hiring trusted surveyors. They will do the sampling procedure properly. Our endorsed surveyors are trained extensively, highly experienced, and possess the required certifications. They ensure that appropriate measures are taken and implemented during the sampling process.

2. Testing all samples via an accredited laboratory

Our contractors are equipped with modern equipment to do a quantification analysis by using a polarized light microscopy (PLM) and stereo Microscope Analysis (SMA) technique.

PLM can differentiate fibres or non-fibres particles from the sample.  While SMA is used to identify the presence of fibres from a bulk material. Our contractors are ensuring a high-quality output and satisfactory results for you.

3. Decontamination of sampling area

After the sampling process is done, the sample will be immediately placed in a sealed container and then be labeled. The location, date, time of the sample will be included as additional information. For your awareness, all tools and equipment that were used during the sampling collection process will be decontaminated.

Our approved members will immediately place them in a hazardous waste container.  These tools will be disposed at an EPA-approved disposal facility that can accept hazardous waste. To ensure that the sampling area is safe for re-occupation, our approved members will use a HEPA vacuum and wet-wipes to clean up the residual dust.

4. Assistance on the discovery of ACM

If required, our professional removalists can assist you with the removal works.  You can get an immediate quote by contacting our endorsed contractors. Our jobs are to provide competitive services while ensuring excellent quality for clients.

The right choice for asbestos testing and sampling

ACM can be a potential threat to the health of people who occupy a property. The ACM will become dangerous and harmful when it gets disturbed or damaged. It can release airborne fibres to the surrounding environment. Precautions are needed when you suspect a doubtful material at your building that may contain ACM. Seek help from a professional to conduct asbestos testing Wollongong works for the suspected area first before starting any works. We are happy to help you when you encounter this problem.

We will connect you with trusted and highly experienced contractors.

Our endorsed members’ objectives are to deliver high-quality services and ensure maximum protection for you.  They are dedicated to providing exceptional services for asbestos removal and testing in the Wollongong region. They offer complete and comprehensive ACM testing services; starting from sampling until the report delivery. Our endorsed surveyors only use modern technology to perform ACM testing.

All practices are conducted in accordance with national and local regulations. Ensure that your living and working environment are safe by contacting one or more contractors through asbestos watch Wollongong.