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Are you considering buying a building that was built before 1990? If so, you need to take extra precautions, since most buildings built before 1990 are likely to contain asbestos. As it is difficult to identify asbestos, an asbestos testing service is needed to identify this hazardous substance.

If you require reliable asbestos testing, contact Asbestos Watch Wollongong. Our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team can conduct a thorough asbestos testing process in residential, commercial or government settings. We will perform visual inspection and sampling at your premises; starting from at the roof, to beneath the flooring.

Why you should contact our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team:

  1. We are qualified and competent: Our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team have been through extensive training and assessments, making them one of the best in the field. Furthermore, all of our team members are fully licensed and have public liability insurance.
  2. Easy and straightforward process for our clients: We will come to your location upon your request and for sample collection. Then, our team will conduct further analysis. Once the result is out, the final report will be delivered to your email inbox.
  3. High-quality services at competitive prices: Our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team know exactly what it takes to keep your project on time and within your allocated budget. Rest assured we will deliver high-quality services at a value price. You can contact us to get a quote first and our friendly team will be glad to assist you.
  4. We are equipped with all safety tools for asbestos testing: Having specialised tools and equipment for asbestos testing and other related services is important. Our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team are equipped with specialized tools that are needed in handling asbestos materials in the best way possible.

Asbestos dangers still linger in Wollongong

Asbestos can be anywhere in your living or working space. You can find asbestos in numerous places including cement sheets, roofs, wall sheets, drainage pipes, fences, vinyl floor tiles, and gaskets. There are mainly two types of asbestos materials, which are non-friable and friable asbestos. Non-friable materials do not pose a health risk if they are left encapsulated and undisturbed. However, friable asbestos can become airborne easily when being disturbed or damaged thus releasing fibres to the surrounding environment.  

Some facts about friable and non-friable materials:

  • Non-friable asbestos materials are often used inside of a domestic premises such as in wall sheeting and interior ceiling sheeting.
  • Friable asbestos materials are primarily used in commercial and industrial settings for fireproofing, soundproofing and insulation. Friable asbestos products can also be found in some old domestic heaters, stove and hot water systems.
  • Friable products must be removed by a removalist who has a valid A-class license and certification.

If you know that your property contains those life threatening material, don’t panic. Contact asbestos removal Wollongong to save the life of your family. Always be smart and be safe.

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Our asbestos testing processes

Our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team provide a wide range of services including the identification of asbestos fibres in a bulk material, residential and industrial audits, and air monitoring. We ensure that our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team perform all work in accordance with Australian and New South Wales laws.

Our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team may follow these processes:

  • Collecting samples from the suspected materials: It is important to do sample collection in the right way in order to prevent asbestos fibres from contaminating the surrounding environment. We will take samples from the suspect material carefully and in accordance with the applicable regulations. The sample will be placed in a sealed 200-micron plastic bag.
  • Testing Samples Via A Nata Accredited Lab and or XRF Laser Spectrometry

  • Testing gun for asbestos used in Asbestos Watch Wollongong

  • Disposal of samples and equipment: Once the analysis is done, the sample will be sealed and put into a 200-micron black plastic bag. All disposables that were used during the sampling process will be disposed of at an EPA-approved disposal facility.

Mark Mandall as Asbestos Watch Wollongong Editor

Our Asbestos Testing Wollongong Team are professional and reliable. With their skills and experience, they are committed to provide high quality services at competitive prices. All jobs will be carried out safely, efficiently and within the provisions of current legal procedures.

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